Editor’s Advice is an Opportunity to Grow By Nicole Feliciano

Dear Angela,

Two years ago, before my daughter was born, I had the time and energy to send out heaps of queries and follow up on freelance leads from places like WritersWeekly.com. The work came in at a slow yet steady pace and I was pleased with the stack of clippings I was amassing.

When my daughter arrived last July, my work product stagnated. Adjusting to my new role as a parent took some wind out of my freelance sails and sales! Imagine my delight when an online pet magazine editor contacted me with an offer of a one-year feature article contract.

Pamperedpuppy.com is an online magazine and shopping portal devoted to luxury lifestyles for dogs. My affiliation with pamperedpuppy.com started in 2004. I’d pitched and produced a 1000-word article for them about dog spas in New York City. The first draft was far off the mark from what the editor had in mind. Rather than get offended, I studied her criticisms and promptly turned in a revised piece.

My diligence and work ethic paid off big time. The editor was impressed with my professionalism and flexibility. When her magazine had grown in size and revenue, the editor sought me out.

I’m six months into my yearlong contract and delighted with our set-up. With a little one crawling around, the luxury of having paid assignments lined up for the remainder of the year is a huge relief. I also enjoy the diverse subjects I’m assigned (anything from photography to custom designed furniture) and the editor and I have a seamless working relationship.

My advice? Look at you editor’s advice as an opportunity to grow and strengthen your writing. This positive attitude worked for me.

Nicole Feliciano is a freelance writer and editor. She spent seven years in women’s fashion with Polo Ralph Lauren before giving in to her passion for writing. Nicole lives in Brooklyn with her husband and 10-month-old daughter. She is an avid runner and has been practicing yoga for more than a decade. To learn more about her writing visit https://www.mediabistro.com/Nicolefeliciano.