Easy to Break Into Online Markets By Kristina Knight

The phone rang this morning and I realized for perhaps the first time that I Am A Writer. It was my friend, Jen. We used to work at the same TV station.

“Kristi, I can’t believe this! *&^%, I’ve gotta get out and go to work!”

What’s the big deal about going to work?

Well, in Nebraska there are several inches of snow on the ground, with a couple more coming by evening. Jen would be out in the mess all day long. And I could work on an article, drink hot cocoa and be warm!

I began freelancing two years ago simply by submitting my story ideas to online markets. At first, nothing came of it, but gradually I got a few paying assignments. When that first check for $125 came, I was flying. I was a writer! Look at me! Today, my monthly paychecks range from $500 to $1000. I’m not a millionaire, but it is enough to help pay the bills and have some money left over for fun.

What brought my success? First, thinking outside the box. Everyone told me that starting out would be tough. I had no contacts, no “in”. So, instead of querying the big markets straight out, I submitted my ideas to online markets. Within two months, I had a monthly contract writing for Threshold Media, an online disaster news network. I covered fires in Montana, an earthquake in India and tornados in Nebraska. All from my home office, tucked away from the mess!

For me, freelancing would still be a dream if not for those online markets. They are open to beginners, they allow you to work on features and spot (happening right now) news and many pay writers! Some don’t pay a lot, but when I was starting, every check was that much closer to quitting the day job and writing full time.

Today I still write for several online markets, but I am breaking into magazines as well. My first article is coming out in Family Delegate, a quarterly magazine with over 60,000 subscribers!

So, this afternoon, as I look at the snow still falling outside my window, I can smile at my work. It’s always challenging, never stale and very rewarding. But I realized the biggest reward today: I don’t have to mess with the snow!

Kristina Knight is a freelance writer based in Nebraska. Her work has appeared on the Internet and in national magazines. She is available to write online content and articles for publication. Contact her at: knight1@kdsi.net