Another Author Lands a Traditional Contract By Frank Fiore

Several months ago I self-published my first novel, Cyberkill, through BookLocker. It has recently been acquired by a traditional publisher called TrapDoor Books.

Trapdoor Books is an imprint of Trapdoor Publishing, an emerging small press in Lyons, Colorado that publishes ëgeek fiction’. Their ëgeek fiction’ philosophy: technology, intellectual promiscuity, and scientific thought are becoming increasingly appealing to a wider audience of sophisticated, socially-connected readers. Their goal is to break traditional genres and surprise readers with well-paced, well-researched and compelling stories.

According to TrapDoor Books, ‘geek fiction’ considers itself as appealing to sophisticated, socially-connected readers who have higher-than-average IQs, advanced educations and are looking for intellectual challenges and extraordinary entertainment well beyond the ëlowest common denominator’ content that is so often provided through mass media outlets.

I have had a dozen non-fiction books published by big New York publishing houses. Past experience with them and their marketing model, let’s say, was less than adequate. Their approach to promoting a book was to send their sales reps out to bookstores to get them to stock the books on their shelves. If you did not have a marketable name, your book ñ if you’re lucky ñ would end up on some distant bookshelf along with all the others in whatever category the bookstore chose to place you in. If you’re lucky, they might take out a small ad in the New York Times review of books or the Wall Street journal.

And that’s about all you can expect to promote the vast majority of the limited books they print.
TrapDoor Books understands the new media and how to use social media and social networking to promote their books. Their strategy is this. You write ñ they promote. They are also open to all kinds of new approaches to marketing books like book trailers, games, even extended experiences. I could not think of a better publisher to partner with starting out on my novelist career.

Projected release of the new and improved version of CyberKill is in March.

You can PLAY THE CYBERKILL GAME and view the book’s trailer at:

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Frank Fiore is a best selling non-fictin author. CyberKill is the first in a series of action-adventure novels. Frank and his wife of 30 years have one son, and live in Paradise Valley, Arizona.