A Psychic Told Me I’d Be A Writer by K. Marie O’Brien

A Psychic Told Me I’d Be A Writer by K. Marie O’Brien

First of all, I don’t spend a lot of time going to psychics; in fact I’ve only been to one once. Secondly, I’m not sure the psychic’s prediction was a deciding factor in my fate, but it’s always interested me nonetheless.

Being the natural skeptic I am, I went to that psychic reading with a list of questions and a pretty closed mind. My questions were carefully phrased so as to give no clues about myself.

At the time of the reading, I was at a crossroads, not sure what I wanted to do with my future. So naturally one question dealt with my career path.

The psychic’s response was quite specific in saying that she saw me as a writer. I still have no idea why she said that. I know I wasn’t wearing my “Open a vein” t-shirt or carrying a copy of “Publish and Sell Ebooks.”

The fact is, I had been thinking a lot about becoming a writer. Though my degree was in art and philosophy, I had always enjoyed writing. However, I had not shared these thoughts with another living soul. The only step I had taken was some research at the library and bookstores. I hadn’t even bought any books on the subject yet. I certainly hadn’t taken any writing classes.

But, a few years after my visit to the psychic, School Magazine of Australia published my first children’s fantasy story. My work life had changed course as well. I headed into the business communications field, starting first with technical writing, then moving to writing and editing corporate, employee and marketing publications. I continued writing freelance for regional and national magazines to hone my craft and build my clips file.

In 2000, through a complex series of events, I was asked to illustrate (remember that art degree?) and write the text for a book to be published by a children’s event company in Minneapolis. I spent the next nine months bringing life to that project. While the story isn’t mine, the text and illustrations are, and that new experience taught me more than I could imagine.

Even though the psychic predicted it, success didn’t happen overnight or without work. I had to make a commitment to writing. I had to become focused and disciplined. But I’m also more confident now, and that helps, too. I’m finding illustration work, my career in business communications is providing a lot of strategic experience and skill enhancement, and I’m enjoying regular success in publishing articles and fiction.

Should you head off to your nearest psychic? At the risk of alienating psychics, I personally don’t think you need to. After all, my psychic may have been good, but she really just told me something I already knew. But, perhaps you’re more open-minded than I. Then again, maybe a psychic could help me with the plots of the two novels I have in various stages of completion. Who knows? I think I’ll check the yellow pages–or a crystal ball.

K. Marie O’Brien is a writer and illustrator from St. Paul, Minnesota. Her illustrated children’s book, “Polly Hollybug, The Winter Adventure” is available on Amazon.com . She has published over 50 articles for trade publications as well as fiction and non-fiction articles in magazines such as School Magazine of Australia, Writer’s Digest and Meeting and Conventions Magazine. Lately she has published stories and illustrations for online publications such as Wee Ones Magazine. She is currently working on a romance/adventure novel and a children’s historical novel. She can be reached at ardencats@aol.com. Her other passions include wildlife and the environment, and she and her husband have been lecturers and docents with wildlife conservation groups.