Western Canada Highway News

Western Canada Highway News

Western Canada Highway News
c/o Craig Kelman & Associates Ltd., 3rd floor, 2020 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada R3J 0K4

Website: http://www.highwaynews.ca

Editor: Terry Ross, Senior Editor
Email address: terry@kelman.ca

About The Publication:

“The official publication of three Canadian trucking associations (Alberta Motor Transport Association, Saskatchewan Trucking Association, & Manitoba Trucking Association.” Occasionally works with new writers. Circ. controlled (approx. 5,400). Quarterly. Pays on acceptance. Publishes ms one month after acceptance. Buys first rights. Accepts reprints. Responds within a day. Guidelines by email.

Pays $0.30/word.

Current Needs:

Articles. Pays $0.30/word for 500-1500 words.

Pays $0.30/word for 500-1500 words


“High resolution (min. 300 dpi) Jpegs, Tiffs, etc.”


“We are very dependent on current issues facing the trucking industry. Some are longstanding (e.g., driver shortage), others are more short-term (e.g., ELDs, MELT programs). Know the industry!”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes