P.O. Box 250382
Yellowknife, NT, Canada 75025-0382

Website: http://www.uphere.ca
Guidelines: http://www.workerswritejournal.com

Editor: Herb Mathisen
Email address: herb@uphere.ca

About The Publication:

“If it breathes, grows or flows North of 60, Up Here magazine has it covered. We are the authoritative magazine of the North, informing and entertaining readers with stories about the people, wildlife, culture, lifestyle, arts and business of the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.” 20%-50% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Publishes 8 issues/year. Generally pays within 3 months of publication. Publishes 1-3 months after acceptance. Buys one-time rights. Rights are retained by writers and photographers. No reprints. Responds within 2 weeks if pitch is of interest. Sample copies available by email from editor@uphere.ca. Subscription $24.99 in Canada/$44.99 in U.S./$59.99 international (Canadian dollars.) Guidelines online at http://uphere.ca/contact/submissions.

Current Needs:

“Columns of 500-800 words: These will include authoritative voices on relevant Northern issues, first-hand accounts of harrowing or distinctly Northern experiences, or humorous takes on the oddities of Northern life. Featurettes of 150-1200 words: Examples would include short profiles; looks back at historical figures or events; summaries of scientific research programs; breakdowns on the health of an animal species; a service piece about where to eat, stay, sleep, etc. Features of 1200-2500 words: Long-form pieces that provide background context and local insights with the jargon-free, on-the-ground reporting readers expect from Up Here. Examples can include an in-depth profile of a person, an examination of a mineral development or environmental conservation project; an investigative piece on a contemporary issue; a detailed first-hand travelogue.” Usually pays $0.50 per word. Submit a “pitch that demonstrates knowledge of subject, consideration of angle the story will take, and why it would be of interest to our readership” per their guidelines.

Usually pays $0.50 per word.


“Short photo spreads or longer photo essays that convey a story through visuals in ways words never could.” Pays flat rate. Contact photo@uphere.ca for details.


“Please make sure you’ve read the magazine before pitching.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes