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Editor: Steve Bunk, Managing Editor
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Current Needs:

“We are open to freelance nonfiction narratives in first person about the authors’ experiences in Idaho. Any stories that are not specifically about the writer (for example, profiles or histories) must be filtered through the writer’s viewpoint or sensibilities. Stories should be narratives, with a story-like beginning and end rather than open-ended articles or essays. We do not accept anything set outside of Idaho. We do not publish religion, politics, fiction, or poetry. Sorry, we are not looking for a columnist, staff, interns, or editing help.” Pays $30-$100/article depending on length and complexity, ranging from 500-3000 words. “Submit by email. A note with a couple of lines describing the idea is fine to start, even if you have a completed manuscript. You’ll get a pretty quick response and we’ll take it from there.”

Pays $30-$100/article depending on length and complexity


“Photos to help illustrate submitted stories are strongly encouraged. For memoirs or other accounts of life in Idaho, the images often may include shots from family albums, either color or b/w. We offer payment for a cover image, which can range up to $100. Cover shots always relate to a story in the magazine, and the decision for a cover shot is made after all images for a given issue are assembled.”


“Please don’t send us anything written in the objective third person; we publish only first-person stories. Also, our special interest is Idaho. Stories set outside the state are inappropriate for us. You don’t have to live in Idaho to write for us, but your nonfiction story has to take place here. The magazine relies on unsolicited story ideas. We do not assign stories. We have no editorial calendar because we don’t know what will come over the transom from one month to the next. We’re wide open to story ideas: we consider ourselves to be the voice of the people for things Idaho. Just check out our guidelines online and email a short query first.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes