Two Wedding Dresses

Two Wedding Dresses

Our daughter is getting married later this year. We bought her wedding dress about a year ago. Last weekend, we went shopping for another wedding dress – one that is dance – friendly. Call me old-fashioned but I didn’t know brides needed more than one wedding dress now. But, what Ali and her fiance’s dance teacher said makes sense. I really don’t know how Ali would do those beautiful waltzes in her original dress.

She had seen a dress she loved, and heard it was down in St. Armand’s (a really nice shopping area near us). We went to the store there and she found the exact dress she was looking for. She cried when she tried it on. So sweet.

Luckily, it only cost half as much as the original wedding dress (sigh). And, it was also 20% off one item (no kidding!), and it was one of the sales-tax-free days in Florida so we actually saved quite a bit.

I am not a girly-girl and I don’t enjoy shopping. I was not in the mood to try on clothes but Ali and the saleswoman tricked me and, an hour later, they were wrapping up my rehearsal dinner outfit and my mother of the bride outfit. I have to admit I’m QUITE relieved that is over!


The other night, Mason asked, “What’s for dinner, Mom?”

I replied, “Fish Chowder.”

He made a face, and said, “I’ll have mine without the chowder.”

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