We Need a TINY Christmas Tree for “No Tan Lines!”

We Need a TINY Christmas Tree for “No Tan Lines!”

We’ve had a string of visitors over the past few weeks and the last one departed today. So, it’s once again quiet aboard No Tan Lines. We won’t have any more visitors until the week before Christmas. That’s a good thing because we ran a “pre-Christmas” sale on BookLocker for $200 off setup fees and several authors chose to sign up for the rush service.

Whenever we receive a message or file from a “rush” author, we work on that first. We now have eight rush authors in the pipeline who all signed up over the past two weeks. So, things are pretty frantic here since they all want their books published by Christmas!

This weekend, we’re going to go shopping for a very small Christmas tree, one that will fit on the teak cabinet in the salon of No Tan Lines. Richard and the boys are also going to start decorating the outside of the boat. I’m too busy to help but I can’t wait to see the results!


Mason (age 11) saw a picture of a friend’s 7-year-old niece and we jokingly asked him, “Would you date her?”

He rolled his eyes, and responded, “Motherrrrr, she’s below the age of consent in Florida.

Of course, I then had to explain to him what “age of consent” really means. Sigh…

Hugs to all!


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One Response to "We Need a TINY Christmas Tree for “No Tan Lines!”"

  1. joe sixpak  November 16, 2017 at 7:53 pm

    my wife found a ceramic tree with tiny lights which was about 8″ tall
    maybe 3 inches at the base
    the cord and plug were almost as bulky as the tree
    battery power would be better but we got this one decades ago