The Snowbirds Are Coming! The Snowbirds Are Coming!!

The Snowbirds Are Coming! The Snowbirds Are Coming!!

After another hot and humid Florida summer, things are cooling off and the snowbirds are heading back. Starting next month, we’ll be expecting lots of visitors…until the heat begins again next year. This is also the time of year when the traffic gets heavy here. It can also be difficult to get a table at restaurants. But, we don’t mind because all the tourism income means we don’t have a state income tax.

Our first fall visitors will be our good friends (and librarians), Scott and Kelly. They’ll be arriving from Wisconsin. We plan to spend one night watching reruns of Downton Abby, and Richard will be cooking us a gourmet Downton Abbey-themed meal. Yeah, we’re nerds, and proud of it! 😉

Only two more weeks until we announce the winners of the Fall, 2014 24-Hour Short Story Contest! We can’t wait!!


When we were driving in the Smoky Mountains on our recent vacation, we noticed several cars pulled over. People had exited their vehicles, and were taking pictures of a large buck, who was rubbing his antlers on a tree.

Out of the blue, Mason said, “Deer. They’re used to people…but they’re not used to snipers!”

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