Rush Concert?!

On Friday, Richard’s dad is driving in from Texas for the Rush concert this weekend in Tampa. The tickets were a birthday present we got him. On Saturday, our librarian friend, Scott, and his wife, Kelly, are arriving as well. Scott will be attending the concert with the guys (along with our neighbor, Tim). Kelly and I will NOT…because I’m not a big fan of tinnitus. I’d much rather take her and the kids shopping in St. Armand’s, and then to dinner on the beach at sunset. A nice, quiet evening with only the sounds of waves, friendly conversation, and laughing gulls sounds far more enticing to me than loud rock music.

Since the weather has been so warm, we’re taking a pool break on most afternoons now (weather permitting, of course). I know that sounds a bit luxurious but I only take a 10-minute lunch break each day (all year long). I usually wolf down a sandwich while reading the news and I then dive right back into my work. So, I’m not feeling too guilty about throwing on my bathing suit and jumping into the cool blue waters each afternoon right now.

No, we do NOT miss Maine!! Ha ha ha.


“Does the devil have a son?”

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