Richard’s Halloween Costume Has Arrived!

Richard’s Halloween Costume Has Arrived!

In case I haven’t gushed about him enough, I want to again tell you that Richard is the best husband on Earth! Each year, he lets me choose his Halloween costume and he never knows what he’s going to be until Halloween. And, each year, he wears whatever I set out for him. He’s such a good sport!! A few years ago, I was a firefighter and he was my Dalmatian. He was so adorable (but the costume was a bit warm)! Last year, I was a witch and he was my black kitty cat, complete with a full-body Danskin leotard. (There are not many guys who can rock a leotard but he did!) Another year, I was a police woman and he was my prisoner.

Today, his Halloween costume for this year arrived and I am SO excited! I snuck the box into the boys’ bedroom to open it. The costume is AWESOME!! I can’t WAIT!! Of course, when I opened it, the boys rolled their eyes. Max uttered one word. “Uck!” Ha ha ha!!!

Frank (now age 22) hung orange and purple lights all over the front of the house and Richard replaced our white lantern bulbs with creepy, flicking orange ones. We’re so excited!

Don’t forget! Only one more week until we announce the winners of the Fall, 2014 24-Hour Short Story Contest! Who’s going to win the $300 first place prize?!


We have a large bearded dragon named Cool. One day, Mason was standing next to Cool’s aquarium with his mouth wide open. After a few moments of watching him, I said, “What are you doing?”

Mason replied, “I’m seeing if he will fit in my mouth.”

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