Richard Goes to E.R. on Saturday, Has Surgery on Sunday

Richard Goes to E.R. on Saturday, Has Surgery on Sunday

My oh my, how life’s plans can change! We woke up Saturday morning, finished packing our RV, and took off for Wisconsin. We planned to attend the wedding of Richard’s childhood friend, and to see relatives and other friends while we were there. We got as far as a nearby park, where we always stop to attach our tow vehicle. The driveshaft decoupler in the tow vehicle wouldn’t engage. It was very new so that was odd. We always allow a few extra days on a road trip so we weren’t terribly concerned. We called the RV place, planned to take the car in on Monday morning, and returned home. I did make a passing comment to Richard about how odd it was that we couldn’t even get out of Bangor, and wondered if we were supposed to take this trip or not. Richard replied, “Yeah, I know.”

That afternoon, we rode with Ali to her new apartment with a load of her stuff. She was going to spend the evening packing up our room and Max and Mason’s rooms. Our rooms were going to be painted and refloored while we were away on our trip. Richard wanted to watch a movie but I talked him into helping me help Ali get those rooms packed up. I’m still feeling guilty about that…

A few hours later, Richard was coming down the attic steps, taking out the trash, and his foot slipped on one step near the bottom. His body twisted around and I’m not sure really what happened after that but we all heard a large THUMP, and then Richard yelling, “I BROKE MY LEG! I BROKE MY LEG!!”

There were about 12 people in the house right then and we all went running. Richard was sitting near the bottom of the stairs, already sweating profusely, and not moving his leg. He has on his work boots but the broken bone was clearly visible just under the skin. His foot was also sitting at a very odd angle. I called 9-1-1 while Zach watched Richard to make sure he didn’t pass out…

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I have a Masonism for you this week:

The day after Richard’s accident, I told Mason that Daddy would be just fine and that the doctors were going to fix Daddy’s leg that afternoon.

It was clear the big kids hadn’t been filtering their comments about the accident in front of Mason because he replied, “Yeah! Daddy’s bone just SNAPPED!”

Hugs to all!


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