Pumpkin Harvest!

Awhile back, I was posting weekly pictures of our pumpkins, Monster, Half-Pint, Tiny and Punk. Last Sunday, with tears, Max harvested three of his four pumpkins. Surprisingly, Punk (the orange wart pumpkin) is still on a live vine. The three white pumpkins were on dried vines, and starting to attract slugs.

The four pumpkins are the biggest we’ve ever grown and they are now being proudly displayed by Max in our living room. He does NOT want to carve them, however. He wants to go to a local farm and buy pumpkins for carving. He can’t bear to cut into his babies. Isn’t that sweet? 🙂

Here’s Max with three of his babies. Below that is a picture of Punk.

This week’s Maxism:

“That pumpkin is growing fast! And, I’m growing fast, too!!”

Hugs to all!