On Vacation!

Well, our vacation cabin is acceptable but it’s not great. Considering the amount of money we’re paying, we expected something a bit nicer. Here’s a list of the problems we’ve encountered:

  1. One bed didn’t have clean sheets (we found hair and crumbs)
  2. Dishes not exactly clean (dried food on pans)
  3. Waaaaaay too much chlorine in the Jacuzzi (makes your eyes burn)
  4. Master bathroom toilet does not flush
  5. When you flush the toilet in the middle bathroom, it makes a huge racket. Sounds like someone’s banging pots and pans together. It also runs so you have to jiggle the handle.
  6. No shower in master bathroom (tub only)
  7. Shower in middle-floor bathroom is 1/3rd the size of our RV shower. You end up kissing your own kneecaps if you want to bend over to shave your legs. So, we’re all sharing the shower on the bottom floor.
  8. Air conditioner didn’t work when we arrived (they fixed it)
  9. Microwave made loud popping sounds and started spewing smoke (they replaced it)
  10. Live scorpion in the shower (that was exciting!!)
  11. Statue they had on top of the fridge fell on Richard when he opened the freezer. Thank Heaven it didn’t fall on one of the children!
  12. The living room is tiny – much smaller than the pictures implied. They must have used one of those special lenses. All the rooms are smaller than they appeared on the Internet.
  13. The view is not near as nice as the last 2 cabins we stayed at in recent years. It’s pretty but not that “miles and miles of layered mountains” views we’ve had before.
  14. The living room TV is too small. They stuck a small TV in the large built-in spot designated for it above the mantle.
  15. The fireplace is small, unattractive, and half-hidden by the sofa because of the tiny living room
  16. There is trash on the ground over the balcony. Not sure if it was put there by previous renters…or by bears.

I sent a complaint email to the management company and the only problem they addressed was the scorpion (she claimed they were harmless). That was after the fixed the air conditioner and replaced the microwave.

We’re making the best of it. Could definitely be worse!! At least nobody’s been hospitalized like last year!

We were in a bind this year because, only a month ago, after all the good cabins were gone, the one we had reserved previously was put up for sale and rental reservations were abruptly canceled. We’ll definitely be using a different management company next year.

Good news is the boys once again had a WONDERFUL time at the Titanic Museum! It was the highlight of the trip for them. 🙂

We have a Maxism for you this week…

On Monday, we stopped at an old cemetery, and found a gravestone that said:

Mark Fox
Killed and Scalped
by Indians in 1787

Max turned around, and said, “Dad! There’s a guy over here who got scalloped!”

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