Oh, Christmas Tree….Where Are You???

This is the longest we’ve ever gone in the season without putting up our tree. We usually have it up during the third week of November. Thanksgiving came late this year and, each year, it gets harder to organize everyone for a group outing. I did pull out the Christmas decorations, and put them up. Frank, God bless him, hung about a zillion twinkly lights outside, even all across the roof. The house looks beautiful!

The good news is the Elf on a Shelf (Christopher) showed up over the weekend. I woke up that morning to find him pooping chocolate chips into a cup. Who trains these guys?!?!

This week, I’ll be playing catch-up after having relatives in town last week. Pretty hectic!

This week’s Masonism:

After my mom and stepdad arrived, we were eating out and Mason asked, “Gramama, how old are you?

She replied, “How old do I look?”

He said, “”About 100…”

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