My “Rubber Snake in the Hen House” April Fool’s Video Has More than 9K Views on TikTok!

My “Rubber Snake in the Hen House” April Fool’s Video Has More than 9K Views on TikTok!

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When Brian and I first met, we agreed to never play April Fool’s jokes on each other. Well, after getting a chicken coop this year, I could not resist. I broke that promise…in outstanding form!!!

A week or so before April Fool’s Day, I contacted our daughter, and asked her to make a secret purchase on Amazon, and to have it sent here. It was $9.00. The secret purchase was two rubber snakes. One was coiled up and the other was stretched out. I couldn’t use our account because I didn’t want Brian to see what was coming. When they arrived, I hid them.

On April Fool’s Day, Brian said he was going to go out and give the chickens some scratch. I pulled on my sweater, and told him I’d go out with him. After he stepped out of the bedroom, I reached deep into my underwear drawer, dug around, and pulled the two snakes out. I put one in each pocket of my sweater.

Once we were out there, I pretended I was checking for eggs. I went to the back of the coop, opened one of the small doors, pulled the coiled-up snake from my left pocket, and placed it in one of the laying boxes. I saved the stretched out one for later (you’ll see why on the video).

A few minutes later, Brian came to check for eggs. Heh…

An hour or so later, I told Mason, “Hey, Grampa wants a video of you checking for eggs.”

You can watch his reaction on the video as well. If you can get past the f-words (he was FREAKING OUT and I could not correct or scold him him because I was too busy laughing on the inside), I think you’ll enjoy it. I think I also deserve some kudos for keeping a straight face throughout! Ha ha ha!

Later, I played the same trick on Max. I combined all three videos into one.


(Notice how I promote our company in the text under my TikTok videos. I recommend, if you are using TikTok, that you do that, too!)

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2 Responses to "My “Rubber Snake in the Hen House” April Fool’s Video Has More than 9K Views on TikTok!"

  1. Kay Flowers  April 14, 2024 at 9:38 am

    Ha! I hope your hens weren’t too freaked out to lay any more eggs! We taped a rubber snake over our front door to discourage the phoebes from building their mud-daubed nest there. What a mess that made on the porch! Just another day in the country, huh?


    • By Angela Hoy - Publisher of  April 14, 2024 at 12:38 pm

      Yes, they kept laying. 😉 We have a nest on our front porch. The birds come back every year. We can hear the babies chirping. And, we keep needing to hose the poop off the porch. They keep their nest very clean! Our porch, not so much! 😉