More Homeowner Headaches… Will It Ever End?!

More Homeowner Headaches… Will It Ever End?!

First, we got the bad news about the seawall possibly needing to be replaced (with quotes running $19K – $42K now). We got lots of good advice from our awesome readers last week and we’ll be hiring an engineer to come in. That person should be able o give us a true assessment of the situation before we hire someone to do something that possibly doesn’t need to be done, or someone who’s proposing far too much for a small job.

Now, we have termites! After we bought this house, we discovered old termite damage in the sunroom wall. The owners submitted paperwork swearing they’d never had termites. Shortly after we moved here, we noticed termite poop on several windowsills one day, and called Orkin. They pointed out all the tiny holes in the walls where the house had been treated for termites over the years. The damage to the back wall of the sunroom was so extensive that, last year, we had the entire wall demolished and rebuilt.

Well, they’re baaaaaack! So, I just called Orkin again. Everytime we turn around, something big is needing to be done around here. I can’t recall having this many homeowner problems when we lived in Maine. But, we do very much prefer the climate in Florida, termites and all! 😉

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