Matt And Sarah Were Here!!

Many of you remember Matt, our (unofficially) adopted son who came to live with us many years ago. He worked for BookLocker and WritersWeekly for years and he still does ebook conversion work for us on the side. After college, he moved to New York to attend Columbia for his Master’s. He then landed a super job in Boston doing actuarial work, which has always been his dream (yes, we don’t understand that level of attraction to math, either, but he’s happy!).

Matt and his fiance, Sarah, who we also adore, were here over the weekend and we all had a blast! After picking them up on Thursday evening, we had a huge family dinner in Tampa (the only ones missing were Ali and Justin, who had to work). The next day, we went to the beach. The water was a bright, aqua blue and the weather was perfect! We even saw large stingrays swimming by our feet (cringe!).


Frank and Matt joined a beach volleyball game.


On Saturday, we had a cookout with swimming and fishing. Frank got spiked by a hardhead (a saltwater catfish) deep in his palm and I was very worried about him for a couple of hours. The pain was intense but he’s tough and he was good as new later that evening.

On Sunday, all the adult kids went boating. Thank goodness Richard and I stayed behind with Max and Mason. It was VERY hot and, despite the sunscreen, most of the kids got fried. They had a great time, however!

On Monday, we had a big family breakfast and I got to take a picture of ALL the kids together (that almost never happens). We then had to drive Matt and Sarah back to the airport (sniff).

I wasn’t too sad, however, because they’re getting married in August so we’ll be seeing them again in only two months!

This week’s Masonism:

“Mom, can you get me glasses with small circles so I can look like a medic?”

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