Mason is 8!

It’s hard to believe but Mason turned eight years old this week! Some of you may remember his birth story, which I posted back in 2006. Or, you might remember when he was hospitalized 12 days later. That was the only time, in 15 years, that we skipped sending out an issue of WritersWeekly.

Today, Mason is healthy, happy and rambunctious. For his big day, he wanted to go play putt putt (it was SOOOOO hot) and bowling (which was air conditioned, thank goodness).

He asked for either a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man cake, or a Godzilla cake. Godzilla looked pretty challenging (all those spikes and scales!) so I attempted Stay Puft with fondant instead. Here’s a picture:

It’s so beastly hot here that we cower in a dark room in the afternoons, our computer screens illuminating our faces, with fans blowing all over. It’s even too hot mid-day to swim. That warm water is not refeshing at all. But, Florida summer heat sure beats a blizzard in Maine! 😉

This week’s Masonism:

When I was tucking Mason in the other night, he put his hands on my cheeks, put his face close to mine, and said, “Soon, you’re going to die.”

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