It’s (pant, pant) Stifling in Here!

It’s (pant, pant) Stifling in Here!

We’ve known for the past few months that our air conditioner was on its last leg. The previous owners of our home built parts of it without permits, lied about many things (like the age of the roof and past termite problems, to name just a few), and didn’t mention defects they obviously knew about. Somebody even removed the tag from the air conditioner that had the serial number, which would indicate date of manufacture. They told us it was pretty new but we later learned it was 11 to 15 years old.

In the past few months, it’s been conking out and we’ve had the repairman out on many occasions. This week, it finally bit the dust. We’d already obtained an estimate for $6,000 from our regular AC people a few months ago, which included new ductwork throughout since the ducts are about the same age as me.

Yesterday, we received a second estimate for only $3900. That was far more preferable (though still FAR more than I wanted to spend this week on anything at all!) so the work is starting today.

Needless to say, we’ve been staying at our daughter’s house this week. Her air conditioner is awesome and it’s downright chilly in here! Heaven!!


“Air conditioner breaking would be a lot more useful if it was fall or winter.”

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