It’s Hot… err… Cold… err…

It’s Hot… err… Cold… err…

After bragging about our cool summer weather, we had a real humdinger of a weekend! It was around 90 degrees…on the day we attended the Folk Festival. Oh, it was beastly! However, the hot weather only hung around for two days. It’s supposed to be 49 tonight. What a swing, huh?!

Seems my predictions about a bad winter, based on our mild, wet summer and my garden plants looking like the miniature variety, are being echoed by the Farmer’s Almanac. They’re predicting a Colder, ‘Catastrophic’ Winter.

I was talking to a neighbor this morning about getting our attic insulated before winter sets in. Lots of old homes up here don’t have adequate insulation…or any at all in the attic or even the downstairs.

Mason (almost 26 months), while still speaking mostly single words, is speaking some sentences now. Last night, we were sitting by the river, enjoying a fire and the cool breeze, and he shocked me by saying, “Where did Max go?” He used to call Max “Monkey.” We think he said that because I sometimes call Max “Maxie.” Now, Mason pronounces his name “Mac…(long pause)…SSSSSS.” It’s so cute! He continues to call Frank “Frak”, which seems to drive Frank nuts. Frank is forever trying to teach Mason how to say his name right. I said, “Why don’t you just teach him to call you Fran?” At least then he’ll get that last consonant conquered!”

This Week’s Maxism:
“Why do dead people need tombstones?”

Hugs to all!


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