Hopes Up! Hopes Dashed…

We were SO EXCITED yesterday morning!! Max, Frank and I had reservations to go deep sea fishing. It was to be a six-hour trip that we hoped would fill the freezer. Yea!!

I checked the weather on Monday night. Uh oh. There was an 80% chance of rain the next day. No bother. I dug into our camping supplies, pulled out three rain ponchos, and tossed them into my backpack. We were going to get all fishy anyway. A little rain wouldn’t bother us. Before I went to bed, I packed sandwiches, chips and cookies and put that bag in the fridge. That night, we were so excited! After bedtime, Max kept coming into our room to say he couldn’t get to sleep. I knew exactly how he felt!

I woke up earlier than my alarm the next morning, at 5:15 a.m. I got up, grabbed some coffee, got dressed, packed up the cooler, and set everything by the door before waking up the boys. They jumped out of bed and hurriedly got dressed. We kissed Richard and Mason (age 6) and walked out the door. (Mason isn’t old enough to go offshore yet so Richard had plans to take him to the museum.) The car was literally going in reverse in the driveway when my phone rang. It was the captain. He said the winds and seas were too high and they had to cancel.

Frank pulled the car forward again and we all begrudgingly walked back inside. Max was the saddest of all. We will reschedule for another day but it was still very early and we were up and dressed so…we all went to breakfast together. Max quickly cheered up and we had fun talking about the fish we ‘d catch “next time” while also listening to funny tales about Frank’s job. When we were finished, we went back home to wait for the museum to open. At 10:00, we left and Frank decided to go with us. He’s almost 21 now and, between work and school, we don’t get to see him much anymore so it was great to spend the entire day with him!

The museum and planetarium were great except Frank and I fell asleep during the planetarium movie. That was weird! I never take naps. I can’t believe I nodded off in there. I guess the night of tossing and turning and getting up before the sun caught up with me.

After we left, we had a fun lunch downtown together. The waitress was clearly eavesdropping on our conversations because she would interject her own comments here and there, which was funny. So, we started taking turns saying really silly, random things each time she came by the table. Her comments turned to things like “wow” and “I never…” and “Um, I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that”. That was a great game!! You should try it sometime! Ha ha ha!!!

Then, we all came home, and got back to work. Despite having our hopes dashed in the morning, it turned out to be a wonderful day! 🙂

This week’s Masonism:

“Chicken noodle poop rhymes with chicken noodle soup!”

Big hugs to all,

P.S. I want to “follow” you!





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