Good News! Mason (age 7) is NOT a hoarder!

Good News! Mason (age 7) is NOT a hoarder!

Our neighborhood is having a garage sale soon and we definitely plan to participate. Last weekend, Mason asked me help him to clean out the closet. Yes, Mason is our first child who ever WANTED to clean out the closet! I took a box of garbage bags into their room, and went to work. Five hours later, we had gone through every bin of toys in their room and in the closet.

Mason meticulously went through all of his toys, including every train and every toy car. He filled up several kitchen garbage bags with toys to sell at the garage sale. He is also insisting he have his own table with his own cash box. Adorable!! I think we’ll have Max sit with him to ensure he does the math right…

This Week’s Masonism:

“I’m glad I’m a boy so I don’t have to wear shirts!”

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