Full House!

Ali and Justin are renting a home nearby and they recently discovered termites. The owner is bombing the house tent-style so Ali, Justin, and their pets are staying with us this week. I really enjoying having a full house and we’re all having a great time…especially since they’re doing most of the cooking. Ha ha.

I’m not sure why but we’ve had tremendous winds here this week. Last night, we were sitting out by the water, enjoying the cool, gale force winds. Richard has our patio table rigged with an umbrella hung with camping lights. A gust of wind came up suddenly and that umbrella got sucked right out the hole in the middle of the table and took flight! It all happened so fast that all we could do was gasp. Then, we all started laughing because the umbrella fell suddenly…on Justin. Don’t worry. He didn’t spill his wine.

I came inside with the barefoot boys while Richard and Justin stayed behind to clean up broken glass.

The weather here is absolutely PERFECT! Mid-70s and windy by day and mid-50’s at night. We love open-window season!! Our air conditioner is sighing with relief. 😉

This week’s Masonism:

While shopping at Target recently, our teenage cashier looked at Mason (age 7), smiled, and said, “Are you winking at me?”

Mason replied, “Yep!”

She said, “That is so sweet! Do you wink at all the girls?”

He said, “Nope. Only the pretty ones.”

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