Enjoying One Last Day at the Beach Before…

Enjoying One Last Day at the Beach Before…

Florida’s gulf coast has been experiencing a devastating Red Tide algae bloom. It’s not too far to the south of here so, last weekend, we took the boys to the beach, thinking we wouldn’t be able go back for a few weeks…or more.

To avoid sunburns, we left the marina at 6:00 p.m., just as the afternoon rainy season’s violent storms started to come through. On the way there, the sky opened and, by the time we got to the beach, it was a full-blown Florida afternoon deluge. Tourists were scrambling into their cars and we wondered why they had not paid heed to the thunder that had been rumbling for half an hour.

We’d planned to go out to dinner after our beach fun but we had to quickly swap our plans around. We would eat first. Richard pulled up to the front door of the restaurant. We jumped out into four inches of water in the street (one of the reasons we all wear either sandals or boat shoes at all times), and got soaked dashing just 10 feet toward the restaurant door. Once inside, we used our napkins to dry off and we then had a long, slow dinner while we waiting for the storm to pass.

After dinner, the storms had raced off to the west, which made the sunset absolutely breathtaking! And, what was even more striking was the lightning show we were treated to. In these pictures, the silhouettes are Max and Mason playing on the beach. 🙂


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