Waterspout Last Sunday! – And, ONLY 1 DAY Until the Spring, 2018 24-Hour Short Story Contest!!

Waterspout Last Sunday! – And, ONLY 1 DAY Until the Spring, 2018 24-Hour Short Story Contest!!

I’m pretty swamped today, but wanted to show you how our Sunday went.

Whoo hoo! We rode it all out on No Tan Lines and, aside from a few leaks, she came through just fine.

There was a waterspout seven miles off the coast of Anna Maria Island and it was heading our way. We weren’t too concerned because they never seem to travel very far. I was wrong.

At one point, we felt the weather shift. The boat lurched and the pressure changed. I looked out the port side at the sky, and didn’t see anything. Turns out the waterspout not only made it all the way to the Skyway Bridge, but crossed it! There’s a photo HERE.

It was heading right for St. Petersburg but, thankfully, it dissipated before it was able to reach us.

What are your plans this Saturday (04/21/18)? We’d love to have you join us for the Spring, 2018 24-Hour Short Story Contest! It’s a blast!! 🙂

You could win $300, $250, $200, or 1 of our 85 other prizes!

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