Flashers on Our Street!

While I wish it was my idea, it wasn’t. Somebody sent me an email last week that contained photos of creative things people have done with pumpkins. One was so cute that we just had to recreate it ourselves. It took most of the weekend, a bit of Richard’s engineering creativity, and about $75 in supplies (wood from Home Depot, pumpkins from the local nursery, and HUGE clothes from the Salvation Army store), but we did it! And, now we’re getting quite a few honks and people are even pulling over to take pictures.

This week’s Maxism:

We were watching TV the other day and a commercial came on for a fast food joint. Max turned to me and said, “Mom, I wish this was a magic TV and when a commercial came on we could jump into the screen and grab our lunch.”

Hugs to all!


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