First “Cold” Front!

Growing up in Texas, the first cold front of each season would bring a crisp breeze and lower humidity. Everyone would feel invigorated and it seemed the entire city was in an amazing mood, smiling and in celebratory spirits.

When we lived in Maine, we didn’t notice the cold fronts because it was usually cool anyway. Even during the summertime, the evenings were relatively cool and they would just get cooler as the season progressed. It wasn’t anything like standing outside in Texas and feeling the temperature drop 10 or 20 degrees in a few seconds with a quick burst of wind.

Last weekend, we got our first cold front of the season in Florida. While it wasn’t an instantaneous cool breeze. It was an overnight change. We went to bed with high humidity, and woke up to a brisk breeze and much lower humidity. It was amazing! We stopped working on our computers early on Friday, and worked in the yard instead. We then went to “the kids’ restaurants” (where Ali, Justin and Frank all work), and ate outside on the patio. The wind coming off the ocean was brisk and cool and it gave us that same invigorating feeling we used to get in Texas.

The first cold front of the season always serves as a reminder that we survived another scorching southern summer and that we’ll soon be sleeping with the windows open every night. We LOVE this time of year!!! 🙂

This week’s Masonism:

“When I grow up, I want to be everything!”

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