Feeling Emotionally Icky…

I attended a social event last week, and shook hands with somebody who set my creep-meter into high gear. I later told Richard, “There is something seriously wrong with that guy.” I just felt it. Something was terribly off.

I found out the next day he’s a convicted murderer, out on parole. While he creeped me out when I met him, now I’m positively nauseated, knowing I was that close to something so evil…that our hands touched! I Googled him, of course, and he clearly has no remorse and no empathy. He got into trouble after being released, too. He threatened one of the victim’s relatives, and has very real anger issues. He’s a psychopath.

This was just another lesson about how you really never know someone when you meet them – no matter where that meeting occurs. Your next door neighbor, business colleague, customer, or even that friendly guy delivering newspapers could a murderer or a child molester. (A child molester I once knew now delivers newspapers in a small town in Texas.)

People often accuse me of being overprotective of our children. This is why. Murderers (and other violent criminals) used to get locked up for a long time. Back when a life sentence meant a LIFE sentence, things were, I believe, safer. As I sit here feeling so “icky” today, I’m thinking of all the people who are in overcrowded jails for lesser, non-violent offenses while this monster is walking free. Our justice system is despicable and it’s failing us all.


“Mommy, my arms feel rubbery. Oh, wait. No they don’t.”

Angela Hoy lives on a mountain in North Georgia. She is the publisher of WritersWeekly.com, the President and CEO of BookLocker.com and AbuzzPress, and the author of 24 books.

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