The EXACT Moment I KNEW I Wanted to Be a Writer

The EXACT Moment I KNEW I Wanted to Be a Writer

Most writers remember a specific moment in their past when they realized they wanted to be a writer. In fact, many professionals deeply dedicated to their calling have similar specific life incidents.

For me, it was in tenth grade English. I always loved reading and writing. English was my favorite subject. (I sucked at math.) Ever since I’d learned to read and write, I’d been writing funny stories, goofy rhyming songs, and even parodies to popular songs (long before Weird Al Yankovic made that popular). A dear friend of mine still has the silly poem I wrote about her family members one Christmas. For awhile, I played guitar and wrote sappy country songs and folk music. I loved writing lyrics!

Mrs. Miller was the most supportive teacher I had in my entire schooling career. She gave me so many extra credit assignments that I far exceeded the standard 100% grade required to pass the class. She encouraged me to read outside my favorite genres, and also listened intently when I criticized popular books and even classics, actively debating me while simultaneously building my confidence.

One of the assigned reading books for that year was one I definitely did NOT want to read. I had far too many other titles that held my interest and I couldn’t tear myself away from them for something the establishment thought I should be reading. So, I didn’t read it. Instead, I invested in the Cliffs Notes version. My subsequent book report was detailed and creative. I teased with adverbs, tantalized with adjectives, and kept the reader (Mrs. Miller) intrigued at every turn (I hoped). I had so much extra credit that I wasn’t too concerned about my grade. I knew Mrs. Miller would know I hadn’t read the book.

When I got my paper back, Mrs. Miller had written at the top: A+ Good B.S.

Looking at the red lettering penciled at the top, I was thrilled! Mrs. Miller knew I’d B.S.’d my way through the assignment but she was impressed by my B.S. enough to give me a perfect grade.

THAT was the exact moment I knew I wanted to be a professional writer. No, not because I’d B.S.’d my way through an assignment but because my favorite teacher had confirmed that my writing (all fiction!) really was entertaining enough to carry a reader through to the very end.

Next week, I’ll share the story about the college professor who failed to dash my writing dreams.

I’d love to hear your story of the moment YOU knew you wanted to be a writer! You can contact me HERE.


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