Max got sick on Saturday so he spent the day curled up next to me, watching TV, while I worked on my laptop in bed (my favorite spot). He had a severe sore throat and his temperature got up to 102 in the afternoon. He felt much better on Sunday so we went leaf watching. We stopped at a beautiful cemetery, tucked near the river off the main highway, and got some beautiful shots. Max borrowed my camera and took pictures of his Buddy doll sitting near some tombstones. Max has had a “thing” for cemeteries for a couple of years now. He LOVES them! A budding horror novelist, perhaps? Anyway, a few minutes after we got back on the road, Mason started fussing. I looked in the backseat and he was pulling on his neck. I knew he’d caught Max’s sore throat. We turned back toward Bangor and Mason went down for a nap when we got home. He still has a sore throat today, and a runny nose, but he never ran a fever. Mason never gets as sick as everyone else in the family, probably because I’m still nursing him.

Mason is 27 months old now, and will say just about anything if you coach him enough (which makes for great parlor tricks when we have guests over!). He sings songs he hears repeatedly on his favorite shows and he’ll occasionally mimic us when we’re having a conversation (repeating everything third or fourth word so it sounds like there’s a high-pitched echo in the room). It’s hilarious when he does that. His pronunciation isn’t perfect but he speaks well enough that we can understand him most of the time.

However, the one word Mason has refused to say so far is “love.” I’ve coached him repeatedly to say “I Love You, Mommy.’ When that failed, I tried ‘Love You, Mommy.’ Then ‘Love, Mommy.’ And, finally, just ‘Love.’ He flat refuses to say that word, probably because he knows how badly I want him to say it!

On Friday, we were walking through Frank’s room (Frank is 16) and Mason noticed an institutional sized box of Oreos near Frank’s bed.

Mason said, “Cookies!”

I tsk tsk’d, saying, “No cookies. You haven’t had your lunch yet.”

He then yelled, “I LOVE COOKIES!”

Hugs to all!


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