Dog Germs and Lessons Learned

I was working in the living room one day last week when I heard a “pop” and a howl from Mason. I instinctively KNEW what had happened! I flew into Ali’s room and found Mason on the floor, a puddle of drool on the floor in front of him, and Ali’s plugged-in cell phone charger cord lying about six feet away from him. Ali was supposed to be babysitting, but she left him alone in her room. And, I’ve told her a thousand times to never, ever, EVER leave the end of a live cord on the floor. I was FURIOUS!

Mason is fine. His heart was still beating and he stopped crying very quickly. He must have thrown the cord when it shocked him because of the distance it was from him. I still haven’t figured out the drool part of it. He must have been gumming the cord before heading for the metal part at the end. Ali felt horrible. She was just devastated. I grounded her anyway…just to make sure the lesson would stick.

I remember plugging in a vaccuum when I was about 9 or 10 years old, and touching the metal part of the plug as I was plugging it in. I got the jolt of my life. My mom turned around and asked, “What happened?!”

For some reason, I thought I’d get into trouble so I said, “Nothing.” I learned that lesson on my own.

Yes, we have socket covers all over the house. Come to think of it, Richard needs to install the toilet seat lock I recently purchased. When I was about to put Mason in the bath the other night, he crawled to the toilet, opened the lid, and stuck his hand in the water (sigh).

The other day, Percy (the dog) was chewing on a Lincoln Log. He eats wooden toys and crayons when nobody’s looking (he has psychedelic poop sometimes). Anyway, he dropped the Lincoln Log and Mason picked it up and put it in HIS mouth. Ug! After I pulled it out and threw it away, Mason was then sitting by Percy again, holding out his hands. Percy was licking his fingers, one by one. Mason was giggling. I once again got up and picked up Mason, heading to the kitchen sink to wash his hands. I was talking to him while I was walking and, quick as a wink, he stuck one of his wet hands in my mouth! Aaaack! Dog germs!!!

I think I’m starting to realize why I don’t get sick very often anymore. I think my immune system is in high-gear after having these types of experiences with five children.

Mason took his first lone steps last Friday! He walked four steps, from Zach’s legs to mine, in the living room. Zach and I held our breath, not wanting to startle him. We broke into applause when he was done and he was very proud of himself. He also got his 8th tooth last week. His first birthday is in a couple of weeks. Where has the year gone? (sniff)

This week’s Maxism: When we were at the homestead a couple of weeks ago, Frank was moving large rocks while Max was playing with smaller ones. Max looked up and said, “Hey, Frank. Wanna have a rock fight?”

Hugs to all!


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