Disgusting And Inappropriate Birthday Cakes! Ha!!

Disgusting And Inappropriate Birthday Cakes! Ha!!

It’s hard to believe but Mason just turned 9 years old. Some of you may remember his birth story, which I posted back in 2006. Or, you might remember when he was hospitalized 12 days later.

Mason wants to be a surgeon someday so he asked us to make him a cake that “is an abdomen cut open with all the internal organs spilling out.”

Well? Is your mouth watering yet? Ha ha ha!!

It was butter cake with Ali’s homemade icing and homemade marshmallow fondant so, believe it or not, it really was delicious!

Here is Mason’s cake from last year:

We always have fun with cakes! Ali and I try our hardest to gross each other out…and it usually works! Here are some yucky, inappropriate and silly examples from years past…


“Mommy, if Santa used Red Bull, he wouldn’t need reindeer.”

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