Couple’s Shower!

Couple’s Shower!

This weekend, we are hosting a couple’s shower for Ali and Justin. Since Ali’s bridal shower will be in Georgia in the fall, most of their co-workers won’t be able to attend. Instead of games and pink ribbons, we’ll be having BBQ, swimming and fishing. It should be a great time if the 50% rain prediction for Sunday gets a tad lower.

Our son, Matt, and his wife, Sarah, will be arriving on Saturday and we can’t wait!! We haven’t seen Matt since Christmas and we haven’t seen Sarah since their wedding last August. They are, of course, looking forward to some Florida sunshine and crystal clear, aqua blue beach water.


Mason (age 8) is (and has always been) afraid of insects. When the love bugs descended on Florida this spring, he said, “Love bugs are called love bugs because they love you. But, I don’t love them!”

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