CONFESSION: Um, I’m Kind of Addicted to the Johnny Depp Defamation Trial…

CONFESSION: Um, I’m Kind of Addicted to the Johnny Depp Defamation Trial…

I’d been reading the headlines but I hadn’t been paying much attention. However, on what I think was the fourth day when Johnny Depp was testifying, on a whim, I clicked on the “Live” button in the YouTube app on my iPad. I was sitting here working but the words being said on the stand were so salacious, and so jaw-dropping, that I found myself watching more than working. Not good. But, I couldn’t stop!

That night, I made sure to plug in my iPad so it would be 100% charged by morning. And, the next morning, at 10:00 a.m. on the nose, I turned it on again. And, it just kept getting better!!

The best clip this week, by far, was from an employee at the condo who clearly did NOT want to be deposed. He was sitting in his car, which was bizarre. (It was, obviously, a recorded deposition that was done several months ago). The recorded ones are nice because all of the “objections” and other time-wasting things have been removed.

Anyway, this guy clearly did not want to be there. I would definitely call him a hostile witness. Then, all of the sudden, he fired up his vape. And, then he started driving his car – while still testifying! Some smart person online noticed he never put his seatbelt on.

Don’t believe me? Have yourself a good chuckle RIGHT HERE.

Don’t miss the judge’s reaction at the end. Go all the way to the end to hear what she says after the jury leaves the courtroom. The entire video is only three minutes long.

That’s just one tidbit from the trial that I watched this week. There were many more wide-eyeball moments as well. It starts back on Monday and you can bet that me and my 100%-charged iPad will be waiting!!


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2 Responses to "CONFESSION: Um, I’m Kind of Addicted to the Johnny Depp Defamation Trial…"

  1. Marianna Busching  May 1, 2022 at 8:37 am

    I’m too busy writing my next novel. Aaaah!

  2. Erika Wright  April 29, 2022 at 9:59 pm

    Omg i got sucked into the trial one afternoon too!