Cavities! Ug!!

I took the boys to the dentist for their cleaning last week. Mason (age 7) has more cavities than all the other kids combined. While he brushes himself after breakfast and lunch, I personally brush and floss him every single night because he has had so many cavities. I was sure that this was the visit where the dentist would say, “Yea, Mason! No cavities!” I was dead wrong.

Mason had four more! And, it had only been six months since his last visit!! All were in between his teeth, just like all the others. His teeth are pretty crowded in the back and he had some very poor dental work done in Maine that is still affecting his teeth today. Luckily, all the affected teeth are baby teeth. Two days later, Mason was in the chair again for a filling on one tooth, a crown and pulpotomy on another, and sealants on that side. Two days after that, he was in the chair again for the last two fillings and the remainder of his sealants.

Mason does like sweets but we don’t allow them often. Of course, sometimes he sneaks them (see the Masonism below). After beating myself up yet again, thinking it was our fault, the dentist said some children just have more problems than others, and said also the enamel on some of his teeth may not have closed in utero. Zach (now age 27) had that problem on two of his teeth when he was little. Also, children’s enamel doesn’t mature until they’re around 12 years old. Yeah, none of that makes me feel any better. Thank goodness Mason still likes to go to the dentist, despite all the problems he’s had.

Max’s teeth were in such good shape that they didn’t even need to clean them. He just needed a polishing! They took his picture to hang on their wall as their “best patient.” He was thrilled. He also does not need braces, thank goodness. Max not only keeps his teeth clean but he’s also picky about his bedroom, he cleans the back seat of the truck whenever we go somewhere, and he even reminds me when it’s time to clean OUR bedroom!

This week’s Masonism:

Speaking of sweets, I bought a bag of Lindt truffles (my favorite), and left them in the kitchen. Later that night, I noticed the bag on Mason’s lap in the living room. It appeared to be empty. Shocked, I said, “Did you eat them ALL?!”

After reaching into the bag, he smiled up at me angelically, held out his hand, and said, “No. I left the last one for you.”

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