Another Violent Easter Egg Hunt and Slip ‘N Slide Competition!

Each year, there’s a colorful egg hunt for everyone (adults and kids), and a very violent golden egg hunt for the adult kids. The colorful eggs are full of candy, of course. Most of the golden eggs have $1 bills in them and there’s a giant one that is worth $20. All the adult kids have good jobs, and are financially independent. But, seeing the way they go after those candy and $1 eggs, you’d think they’re all starving and homeless. They overturn furniture, knock each other down, brazenly steal from their siblings’ baskets, and worse.

This is Chelce’s first Easter with us and I warned her about the violent egg hunt. She is very small and thin, and is seriously considered sitting it out. She asked Frank why he and his siblings get so nuts about it and he responded, “It’s all about honor!”

The large golden egg is made of shiny material and is stuffed with batting. I made it years ago by hand. I’m the one who hides it each year and I never tell anyone where it is. I don’t even share it with Richard because I have no doubt the kids would pay more than the egg is even worth to bribe him.

Since it’s stuffed, it can be smushed up and shoved anywhere. In previous years, it’s been hidden in the bottom of the dog food bag, in a Ziploc floating in the back of the toilet, inside a zipped couch cushion, squished into the folds of a sleeping bag, and more. Almost every year, we must resort to playing the hot/warm/cold game in order for somebody to find it. Last year, Justin found the one in the sleeping bag without any help. I think they’re getting a little too clever for their own good. Two years ago, he found it shoved down in the middle of a huge cactus outside.

Mason (age 8) has already thought of this year’s hiding place. It’s a good one and I’m so proud of him! It’ll be nice to have a partner in crime this year.

Since moving to Florida four years ago, we also have an annual Slip ‘N Slide competition each Easter. Here is last year’s winner, Frank:


“Mom, I think the Easter Bunny must have a few hundred cousins ’cause there is no way he can hop to that many houses!”

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