Ali Picked Out Her Wedding Dress!

Ali Picked Out Her Wedding Dress!

Ali’s future mom-in-law, Sharon, came into town again last week so we gals hit the road in search of the PERFECT wedding dress. I honestly thought we’d have to go to several stores over several days but, within three hours, Ali had picked the perfect dress! And, it was the very first one she’d tried on!

I have to give credit to the young lady who was helping Ali. She asked Ali a few questions about her likes and dislikes, and about her wedding, and she immediately pulled the winning dress off the rack. Of course, when Ali tried it on, I bawled like a baby. I turned to Sharon and she was crying, too.

Over the next three hours, we roared at some of the dresses (too much like a nightgown, too heavy, too must bling, or way too “ploofy!”). We ended up crying from laughter.

Too bad I can’t post any of the pictures here. I’m afraid Ali’s fianc» might see them.


When I turned on the local news the other day, Mason came in, sat down, and said, “Let’s see what the weatherman is going to lie about today!”

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