Ah, Gluttony…

Trying to get an early start on the holiday preparations, we put up some of our Christmas decorations last Sunday. Max doesn’t remember Christmas from last year (he turned three in September) so we’ve been having fun reminding him about the season. He seemed to understand the “Santa” concept and even said he’s going to ask Santa for a new train.

We were at the mall last Friday and Santa was already there! But, when Max saw him, he changed his mind about asking Santa for any toys. He refused to go anywhere near that big jolly guy dressed in red. Can’t say I blame him.

We’re having our traditional Thanksgiving feast here at home and then having dessert at a friend’s house. That will be fun.

We wish all our U.S. readers a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday this week! And, we wish everyone else a wonderful, warm week as well!

Hugs to all!

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