Writers: How to Offer Brand Standard Content to Clients by Karen Lange

Writers: How to Offer Brand Standard Content to Clients by Karen Lange

Are you looking to expand your freelance writing services? If so, writing content for Brand Standards might be a good fit for you. It’s a smart addition to your portfolio of skills and a profitable upsell option to offer your clients. In addition, it lends the potential for additional work in the future.

What is a Brand Standard?
In a nutshell, a company’s Brand Standard represents their message and, as a package, includes their logo, color scheme, fonts, and related graphic and image guides. It also includes written content similar to a company handbook. This content acts as a guide, framing what their brand represents, what the company stands for, its unique selling proposition (USP), target audience, short and long term goals, etc. It also can outline items such as how they interact with leadership, employees, clients, vendors, and others who regularly engage with the business.

Why Write Brand Standard Content?
Brand Standard content offers the opportunity to expand your skills and earning potential. Whether for new or existing clients, it can boost your value and credibility, leading to more high quality work. Gaining these skills can also equip you to become a paid instructor, offering how-to workshops or online classes for businesses or other freelance professionals.

Who Needs Brand Standard Content?
A Brand Standard is particularly useful for new businesses, those undergoing rebranding and other changes, or those under new management. Even companies with established branding may wish to make adjustments as the company evolves. This service is also useful for us freelance professionals as our goals refine over time.

Some web and graphic designers provide branding services, compiling a Brand Standard package for clients. Many would welcome your assistance with the content to complete the project. So, what is included in Brand Standard Content?

Brand Standard content will vary depending on the company’s goals and other factors, but they usually include the following main elements:

  • Marketing Positioning Statement – describes a company’s mission, offerings, USP, target audience, and how they serve this audience
  • Core Values – outlines and reflects their standards and commitment to their audience
  • Mission Statement – describes their offerings, beliefs, commitment to uphold standards, and vision for the future
  • Voice and Tone – for internal use, this frames their unique voice, tone, and how they communicate with their audience
  • Messaging Platform – summarizes core values, mission, and offerings to their target audience

Take Note
Though this offers a summary of what’s included, these elements are not set in stone. They will vary with the industry and the company’s marketing plan. The parameters can be subjective, too, so expect shorter/longer variations as customized to each business.

How Do I Write Brand Standard Content?

Educate yourself about branding, brand standard guides, and related topics through courses, blogs, podcasts, social media, and resources such as:

Create your own Brand Standard content template, and write one for your freelance business. Sharpen your skills, and familiarize yourself with the process by filling out this template for real or fictional companies. Be aware that, while the template is a helpful guide, you’ll want to customize it to suit each client. Keep learning, always, and be patient. Any new skill building endeavor takes time and practice.

What Next?
As you feel confident, add Brand Standard content to your services. Share this info. with clients, web and graphic designers, colleagues, and on your social media and other professional networks. The potential is there. I’ve written Brand Standard content for clients for several years, and have experienced how this upsell can enhance a freelancer’s credibility, value, and income. Why not give it a try?

Karen Lange is a content creator, editor, and ghostwriter. She specializes in home improvement, but happily writes about other exciting topics, too. Connect with her on LinkedIn

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