Six Creative Ways for Writers to Make More Money – by Mohamed Saad

Six Creative Ways for Writers to Make More Money – by Mohamed Saad

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The most common investment advice you’ve probably ever heard is to “diversify your investments.” This simple, yet brilliant piece of advice applies to freelance writing as well, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As world economies face further slowdowns, the freelance writing market has become more challenging, and less generous. People who lost their jobs, or faced pay cuts, are turning to freelancing more than ever. You may suddenly lose a major source of writing income.

The good news is that more employers are hiring telecommuting employees and there are now more freelance opportunities than there ever were before. But, you need to be on the ball about getting those assignments! We all know about writing for magazines and website. This article, however, presents six different ways to achieve to keep your freelance income pipeline full.

Get a Long-term Writing Job
Whether it is a part-time job or a full-time job, being regularly employed is still the most secure way to earn income. If you have good time management skills, you can juggle with several jobs to multiply your paychecks.

Subscribing to job alerts is the most time saving way to hunt for job opportunities. Aside of regular websites that post jobs (like Linkedin or Indeed), there are also websites that are specialized in posting content creation jobs, such as and

Freshen up your resume and don’t lose hope in landing a good, regularly paying job amidst the pandemic!

Publish a Book
Believe it or not, the demand for books has skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The best thing about publishing books is that it enables you to earn passive income. As long as your book sells, you keep earning!

If you have the time and the capabilities, you can do your research on the top-selling book niches, and start writing your own book.

Don’t forget to do your research to avoid getting scammed when choosing a publisher.

Create a Blog
Similarly to publishing a book, creating a successful blog opens a path for multiple sources of passive income through paid advertisements. Not only that, but creating a blog increases your popularity and, if you are also writing and publishing books, a good blog can boost sales of those books. Also, it costs almost nothing to create a blog these days.

Advertise Your Writing Services on Freelance Websites
Find websites that let you post your services for free. WritersWeekly does not recommend signing up for websites that require you to bid on jobs. You’ll likely end up earning less than minimum wage. But, there are plenty of websites that allow freelancers to post their services, thus attracting potential clients.

Offer Tutoring Services
If you are good with writing, chances are that you also have the necessary skills to help students. You can provide tutoring or academic writing services on one of the many academic tutoring on platforms like Chegg or Preply. This article can help you get started as a professional academic writer.

You can work as an English Tutor online for non-native speakers on online platforms like VIPKid, which is quite rewarding. You can even earn a TEFL degree to boost your chances of getting hired as an English Tutor – and even open up may exciting travel opportunities to work as an expat English teacher after the pandemic ends!

Create a Class to Sell Online
Create one class, and sell it to hundreds or thousands of people online! Read this:

The 10 best platforms to create and sell online courses in 2021


Mohamed Saad is an aspiring freelance writer from Egypt, experienced in academic writing and informative articles. Besides writing, Mohamed is an engineer and he is interested in guitars, music, social dancing, arthouse cinema and TV series.