How to be a “Triple Threat” as a Writer! (and Why You Should) – by Jennifer Brown Banks

How to be a “Triple Threat” as a  Writer! (and Why You Should) – by Jennifer Brown Banks

“Three is a charm!”

We are living in a “value added” era. People are seeking to “super-size” their meals; to buy one widget and get one free; to shop at places that are multi-purposed; and to acquire more for less money and time. More and more, consumers are cash-strapped, and seeking options that give them greater “bang for their buck.”

Your writing clients are no different. The more value you can offer them with your services and products, the more valuable you become, which is why becoming a “triple threat” makes great business sense.

Not convinced?

Just look at some of the icons in the entertainment industry; those who are filthy rich or those that have experienced great longevity in their careers. Jennifer Lopez sings, dances, and acts. Danielle Steel, in her many decades-long career, has written 179 books, pens poetry and has created the basis for various TV movie scripts. Steve Harvey does comedy, authors books, and hosts several radio and game shows. The nexus here?

Writers, in a sense are “entertainers,” too. Diversity translates into dollars.

Before we examine a few ways you too can become a “triple-threat,” let’s address some of the advantages to you and your clients:

1. The more value you create for clients, the greater the chance for retention.

2. The greater the level of retention, the less money you have to spend in marketing and cultivating new clients.

3. The more services and skill sets you have, the more financial security you will typically create for yourself through different revenue streams. There’s great validity to the expression: “Never put all your eggs in one basket.”

4. Being a triple threat combats boredom. You can work on multiple projects at any given time.



In this time of “social distancing” and demanding schedules for many adults, providing online classes is a wise option. Chances are, if you write articles or publish a blog, you already have tips, techniques, and strategies you can share with other aspiring writers to enable them to become more successful, or those who simply may be in a “blog fog.” TEACHABLE.COM is a popular platform that you can check out to get started. Teach to provide greater reach!


According to Stefan James, entrepreneur and life coach: “An information product can be anything from an e-book or audio program to a video program.”

The need to know has never been greater. People are looking for solutions to live better, earn more, parent better, and have their “pain points” addressed. Turn your know-how into net worth. Life coach James offers a very thorough guide to navigate selling information products at his site. Visit Project Life Mastery for specific details.

3. WRITE/AND OR SET UP BLOGS FOR OTHER WRITERS reports that, by this year, 31.7 million blogs will be launched. This presents the perfect opportunity to provide content for busy bloggers, or to help them to set-up and operate their own sites. I did. In fact, since 2009, it’s been one of my most consistent sources of writing-related income. This service can be sold separately, or as part of a package deal, depending upon the needs and budget considerations of the client.

To enhance your efforts, here are some additional suggestions and services to consider providing to existing and future clients:


Get the idea here?

Just remember, that adding to your professional offerings offers more income earning potential for your business. “Three’s a charm!”


Jennifer Brown Banks is a Content Creator and Creative Strategist. She’s won the  “Top Blog for Writers”  award from 2013 to 2020. Check out all she has to offer at her blog Pen and Prosper.

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