10 Things You MUST Include in Your Writing Portfolio to Entice New Clients! – by Angel Lebailly

10 Things You MUST Include in Your Writing Portfolio to Entice New Clients! – by Angel Lebailly

Right now is the best time to propel your writing to new heights. And, it all starts with attracting top clients who will pay you well for your hard work.

How can you create the right content, and creative marketing resources, to attract your desired prospects? What you need is a complete online portfolio that will attract potential clients through a variety of mediums.

Here’s what a winning online writing portfolio should contain:

-WEBSITE. Most of the items below require a professional writer to have their own website.

-STATS. Let the stats speak! Clients will love reading about your well-researched, shared, liked, and most-read articles or blog posts. Display your results for past articles and posts to show them that you know how to attract readers.

-NAME DROPPING. Show your potential clients who you work with, or have worked with. Create a “wow” effect with top names.

-YOUR BIO. Your bio is your brand in the freelance writing arena. Unless you are primarily a ghostwriter, your name should disclose a stunning bio and photo. Write an attractive, impressive bio that tells your story.

-CLIPS. After obtaining permission from previous clients, showcase a variety of articles with your best writing. Post PDFs of work you’ve done for top publications and clients into one single place on your website. If you don’t have permission to do that, post links to where the pieces appear online. Make it easy and interesting for prospects to go through your clips.

-YOUR OWN “GLOSSY” ONLINE MAGAZINE. Create your own online magazine for potential clients to view or download as a PDF file. It can be all about you (like a colorful, professional brochure), or about another topic. Use this enticing medium to showcase your writing, editing, and design skills.

-YOUTUBE. Introduce yourself in a short YouTube video, and explain which clients you have worked with, what you did for them, and what you can do for new clients. Be professional, yet personable. Clients are much more likely to want to hire someone they can see and hear versus a faceless person on the other end of an email. Be sure the background of your video is tidy and professional! And, don’t forget to post links to your YouTube videos on your website, in your blog/newsletter, and on you social media account. Don’t be shy about asking people to “share” your social media posts!

-EMAIL BANNERS AND SIGNATURE. If you’re not using the attractive features available through your email program, you’re not doing enough to attract new clients.

-BLOGGING. Create an ongoing blog on your website to highlight your past and current projects.

-NEWSLETTER. Send out a monthly email newsletter highlighting your writing business and recent projects. You should also include quality editorial that will inform and entertain people who are reading it. In the newsletter, be sure to invite clients to book a consultation with you to get advice on a new piece of content they need.


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Angel Lebailly is a freelance writer working across a spectrum of industries (technology, arts, meditation, music, marketing, and more recently cannabis).



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