Poetry Markets That Pay $50 Per Poem by Avery Springwood

Poetry Markets That Pay $50 Per Poem by Avery Springwood

Today, I am sharing eight diverse poetry markets, ranging from the literary to horror, to speculative fiction and beyond, that each pay $50 per poem:

Vast Chasm Magazine is a quarterly literary magazine open to poetry submissions year round, looking for ‘bold work that explores the expansive human experience.’ They say: ‘Vast celebrates complex, diverse voices’, and ‘Our mission is to publish bold work, champion distinct artists, and cultivate literary community.’ Vast Chasm pays $50 per poem. Poetry can be any length, and response time is within 3 months.
Guidelines: https://vastliterarypress.org/submissions/

The Deadlands is a speculative fiction magazine seeking poetry about death. They say: ‘The Deadlands are a liminal space reached by a broad road and we are looking for the same diversity in our speculative poetry. We welcome the weird, the mythic, the interstitial, and the unclassifiable; we are as interested in the underworld and its denizens as we are in ghosts, grief, and history. We prefer the uncanny to the gross-out, although we do not shy from physical realities. Death may be personified or not as you please. We are at home to the hauntological in a major way. We value boundary-crossing in style as well as subject and will consider both experimental and formal verse.’ Submit up to three poems per submission. Poems can be any length. Pay is $50 per poem.
Guidelines: https://thedeadlands.moksha.io/publication/the-deadlands/guidelines

FIYAH is a quarterly speculative fiction magazine that accepts work ‘by and about Black people of the African Diaspora.’ ‘What we want in speculative poetry is verse that struggles, reveals, instructs, comforts, and fights back. We are looking for weird, complex, honest and challenging work with a clear speculative element.’ The poetry editor says: ‘I appreciate out of this world, inconceivable, fresh, and inspiring subject matter. Shock me. Stun me. Take an old trope and turn it on its head. Call out. Question. I’m looking for poems that I’d never expect to read, poems that are brave, poems that cry and laugh and teach. Inspire me to write. Make me research your subjects and characters. Don’t be afraid to write in form!… Ensnare me in a trap of wonder and imagery. And by all means, make sure your work is speculative. Speculative poems have myth, magic, folklore, horror, fantasy, and science, at their core.’
Poems should be under 1000 words. Pay is $50 per poem.
Guidelines: https://www.fiyahlitmag.com/submissions/

Strange Horizons is a speculative fiction magazine looking for SF, fantasy, speculative, and slipstream poetry. They say ‘What’s a speculative poem? We’re interested in hearing your answers to this question, not answering it ourselves. A poem’s experimentality on the level of language might make it a speculative poem. A narrative poem about a werewolf might be speculative. A speculative poem could explore how people with bodies considered inhuman or fantastical navigate our mundane world, and it might include no magic or ray guns at all. We value formalism as well as experimentality, and are highly receptive to both. Poems must substantiate their forms, or their experimentations; a weak concept in rhyme is still a weak concept. Sonnet plus spaceship is not enough.’ Submit up to 6 poems at a time. Pay is $50 per poem, regardless of length or complexity.
Guidelines: http://strangehorizons.com/submit/poetry-submission-guidelines/

Avery Springwood is a science fiction writer and photographer living in the UK. When she’s not working, she can be found spending time with her family and their beloved cockapoo, or trying to find time to read speculative fiction stories.

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