Profitable E-mail Publishing: How To Publish A Profitable Emag by Angela Adair-Hoy

Profitable E-mail Publishing: How To Publish A Profitable Emag

by Angela Adair-Hoy

63 pages
You'll find everything you need to know about making money with your e-mag in easy-to-follow steps.

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About the Book



-Merchant Accounts - What they are; how to get one; description of confusing terms; who I recommend

-Where to Start - Finding a topic; profile of the profitable Jokeman

-Using Your Competition - "Borrowing" from the competion; Using competitors to find your niche;Psst! Borrow advertisers!

-Building A Simple Website - About free websites; HTML and FTP software; Website content for e-mags

-Subscribers = Income - Building a Huge Subscriber List Finding the people who need your e-mag; free classifieds; cooperative website links; creating and swapping free banners; offering excerpts to magazines; creating your subscriber database; making it easy to subscribe!

-Your First Issue - Suggested content; quality; formatting

-Distribution - Subscribers, discussion lists, usenet/newsgroups

-Show Me the Money! - Selling Your Own Products & Services Secondary products, recycling & reselling, special promotions

-Order Forms vs. Shopping Carts - Sample online order form; Sample e-mail order form

-Show Me the BIG Money! - How to Sell Advertising Space Display and classified ads; how to determine your ad rates; what the heck is CPM?

-Rate Cards/Media Kits - What to include; surveying your audience

-Profitable Partnerships & Affiliate Programs - Forming profitable partnerships; appropriate affiliate ads; real examples of affiliate income; who I recommend; profile of A1 Freebies Online; commissions

-Using E-mags to Increase Traffic - Profile of The Family Corner Newsletter

-How to Copyright Your E-mag - Includes how to easily find copyright violators online (and suggestions for punishment!)

-Trees Love E-mail! - Going from print to electronic

-Selling Your E-mag - Simple calculation to determine the worth of your e-mag; when to sell

-Your Publishing Future

-Marketing Schedule - List of tasks to perform daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly

-Priceless Advice from Profitable E-mag Publishers

-Outstanding Resources for E-mag Publishers - Directories of affiliate/associate programs; everything you need to know about affiliate programs; daily tips for e-mag publishers; resources of free articles to publish in your e-mag; the best directories to list your e-mag in

-Outline for E-mag Success - Production; marketing; ongoing

Also features profiles of and advice from the experts on making money with your e-mag; interviews and advice from some of the largest-circulation e-mags in the world, including Film Threat and Dr. Science!

You'll find everything you need to know about making money with your e-mag in easy-to-follow steps.

The e-mag market is heating up. Get on the e-publishing highway now, before someone else succeeds with your idea.

Ken Duffy started Jokeman in October, 1998 as an easy way to e-mail jokes to his friends. The newsletter is now a daily publication distributing jokes and a daily quote to almost 50,000 subscribers.

Ken doesn't sell any secondary products on his site or newsletter yet, but he does generate impressive ad revenues. He was recently offered $10,000 for his Jokeman list but declined the offer. He knows he can make a whole lot more by continuing to do what he loves & being the Jokeman. By the way, Ken Duffy is 16 years old.


Finished the book last night (How to Publish a Profitable E-mag) and it was was the last! I just wish I had ordered it sooner. Thank you for writing such a helpful book. I have to tell you, few books have gotten me as jazzed as I felt upon completion of your books.

- Angela Giles Klocke
Publisher/Editor, The Writing Parent


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About the Author
Angela Adair-Hoy Angela Adair-Hoy has been called one of the most prolific and profitable self-publishers on the internet today. A former television reporter, she delved into the publishing industry by publishing her own magazine, The Write Markets Report, in June, 1997. She has since rewritten industry standards for electronic publishing and is frequently interviewed and quoted in a variety of internet and business magazines.


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