Letters And Comments For 07/06/2016

Letters And Comments For 07/06/2016

COMMENTS ON: OUCH! Some So-Called “Authors” Should NOT Be Writing Books!

Aww, come on Angela. There’s always Amazon’s Kindle. 🙂 There are so many dogs with fleas and ticks among the few good writers I want to call the Humane Society… Oh, that’s right, they don’t take people.

– Danie


Great article! I just forced myself to read a book by a local author, displayed at our library. It was bad and published by one of your competitors. It was touted as a Christian book, and used our local county as the locale. It was bad. The author used wrong words, slipped in some names of local businesses but had the county sheriff investigating a murder happening in the city, where we have an active police force. There were a few paragraphs that read as though they had been professionally edited but they were buried in the book and were inconsistent with the overall editorial status of the book. The blurbs touting it as a great read, the author as someone who could write, etc. were embarrassing to read.

– Nancy A. Black


Most people can not write.
Most of those who can write can not write well.
Most of those who can write well have nothing to say.
Most of us have no interest in what those writers who do have to say.

Writing is HARD to do.
VERY hard to do well.

Public schools must do a great job making kids feel good about themselves if we have so many incompetent idiots thinking they are authors.

– joe sixpak


Your ethical practice in not taking money from every aspiring writer is one of the many reasons I chose to submit my work to BookLocker (https://publishing.booklocker.com/). Happily, you accepted my work. Had you not, I would not have held you responsible for a flawed manuscript.

– Pamela Allegretto
Bridge of Sighs and Dreams


COMMENT ON: Help! All My Clips Are In Print Only!

An easy way to get around the valid concern with “choking an editor’s email account with email attachments” is to take the scanned files of earlier published writing work and store them in one of the many free cloud storage systems. Many/most email systems currently offer significant free cloud storage.

Once stored, all that is needed to send the content to potential publishers/editors is to supply the link to the stored material.

Some of the free cloud services may have time limits so you may have to occasionally refresh/restore the files but that isn’t really all that difficult.

– Independent Resources

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