Letters And Comments For 06/24/2016

Letters And Comments For 06/24/2016

COMMENTS ON: We Have a New Daughter!

HOORAH!! Zach and my daughter are the same age, and I feel as though they have grown up together. Congratulations to the NEW Mr. and Mrs. Hoy. I remember when you reached out to me in my PI days.
Blessings on all!

Bill Wiles


You know, Angela, I remember when Zach was a just a kid (in 1998). I had just joined your newsletter and you were giving snippets of family life.

Looking at this article, I can’t believe that this much time has passed and he has long since become a man. Where did the time go?

Zach and Mary are going to make a wonderful couple in life.

Thank you for sharing all these years.

– Wendy Jones

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I’m still crying after reading this. You really made my day. I love happy endings and you have such a wonderful husband, Ang. You are truly a blessed woman. I also want to say I love you all, and am happy to know you. You have a wonderful family. God bless Zach and his beautiful bride Mary. May they have a lifetime of happiness, love, and devotion to each other.

– Harry Husted, author

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Congratulations!!! Well, I cried just reading this, I can’t imagine how moving it must have been in person. Zach’s announcement regarding the name change gave me chills! What a lovely testimony of love for Richard! My compliments to both you and Richard for having raised such a principled, compassionate young man. My best wishes to the newlyweds. Looking forward to the photos! Cheers!

– Pamela Allegretto

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Congratulations!!! And, that story definitely brought tears to my eyes. Just beautiful!!

– Susan Kaplan-Williams, author
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COMMENTS ON: World’s Worst Query Letters and Book Proposals For June, 2016!

I dunno wy you don lak them qwerys LOL

– Margaret Tessler, author

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Hello Angela,
My vote is for ‘Mr. Recreational Drugs”.
Best one of this group.

– Wendy Jones, author

Highlander Imagine: Beyond Infinity
Duncan MacLeod must fight a South American Immortal at Teotihuacan.

An Abuzz Press production!


Dear Angela,

Thank you for sharing these Worst Queries.

Truly they are fodder stoking the engines of those of us who ARE working seriously on becoming better writers.

I’m curious what percentage of queries you receive are of this poor quality?

When I read these it just boosts my confidence. I think – If these people are making $ writing then I am doing well and may be a prize winning author just waiting to happen. Ha!

Thanks for sharing them. Great Sunday morning reading material.

Sincerely, Lori

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Sadly, approximately one-third of the queries we receive really are this bad. 🙁


I would argue that many of these queries are unusual and not the norm. Unfortunately, I fear I would be wrong. Like Lori above, reading those queries makes me feel like there’s a possibility someone may actually like my writing. On the down side, there are teachers out there hanging their heads knowing students such as these are out there trying to become professional writers. Thanks for sharing these.

– TigerLily

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