Letters and Comments For 05/06/2016

Letters and Comments For 05/06/2016

COMMENT on: Can You Help Me Find Some Writing Jobs?

OK… so you’re looking….now what field(s) are you qualified to write in?

Royal Knight Incorporated is looking for people who can research, write, and correctly format works in the following discipline/areas:

1) medical science
2) national research grants (NIH/private funded)

We are also looking to expand our stable of fiction writers for specific categories
(assignments only).

If you would give me a call, I would like to discuss your interests and experience. (see comment a link above for the phone number)

– Wendy Jones

COMMENTS ON: Positive And, Unfortunately, Negative Thoughts On My Very First Cruise…

Sounds like a fun trip, in spite of the cold food, questionable smears on your dessert plate, and nasty Nassau. The fact that you are willing to give cruising another go indicates an overall positive view of cruising. I have always shared your misgivings, but maybe I’ll follow your example and give it a go…as long as it’s not to Nassau!

Pamela Allegretto
Bridge of Sighs and Dreams
Nazi-occupied Rome sets the stage for Bridge of Sighs and Dreams, where the lives of two women collide in an arena of deception, greed, and sacrifice…

What a great adventure! I served 21 years in the U.S. Navy with most of that time at sea. I can relate to some of your experiences, especially visiting less-than-desirable ports. My memory is a bit hazy, but if I recall correctly we were usually the ones getting arrested in those wild bygone days, not so much the locals!

Jack Macfarlane
Instructor Training Outcomes: The Missing Link in Instructor Development
How to define clear goals for the development of faculty.


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