BAM: Book  A Month by Cyn Mobley

BAM: Book A Month

by Cyn Mobley

64 pages
Best-selling author's guide to writing a book in a month.

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About the Book
How long does it take you to finish a manuscript? Do you have stacks of incomplete stories that stalled in Act II or just never seemed to end or end up tens of thousands of words too short? Does the idea of outlining give you chills and evoke flashbacks to third grade and Roman numerals?

It's not difficult to write a full-length commercial novel in one month if you do the hard work up front. I know--that's what I do.

The secret isn't outlining. That's just the tip of the iceberg and not even a decent start.

What you need is a way to structure your novel. Structure, not outline.

Proper structure provides a way to flow your story through the various levels of conflict, integrate three act structure seamlessly and set the stage for your sequel.

BAM shows you how I do it. It's the same system I teach in my workshops.

BAM isn't about your precious inner child or the joys of creativity. It's a battle-tested, no nonsense plan for structuring and finishing your book. I show you exactly how I write a novel in a month. When you finish BAM, you'll have more than an outline. You'll have a plan.


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About the Author
Cyn Mobley USA Today bestselling author Cyn Mobley has been published by Berkley, St. Martins Press, Avon, Lyons and Alpha Press. Her books are frequently optioned for film. A former lawyer and black belt in karate, Mobley now runs Greyhound Books and Bushido Press. She lives in the South with her Greyhounds and Airedales.


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